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With the development of commodity economy and science and technology, flat, convex, concave and other printing processes and special printing processes will develop. Different printing processes have different characteristics and printing scope. They will coexist for a long time, complement each other, and occupy a place in packaging and printing

packaging and printing requires not only exquisite printing and highlighting product characteristics, but also subject to the structural design of packaging products to meet the needs of transportation, storage and other aspects, so it makes the packaging and printing technology more difficult. In addition, due to different packaging materials, there are also various substrates for packaging and printing, which require different printing methods. Sometimes a product requires multiple printing methods to complete. It can be seen that packaging printing is quite different from general publishing and printing, and its technical development is independent of publishing and printing

generally, new materials and technologies in the packaging and printing industry will be first applied to cigarette label printing, and then gradually extended to other printing fields. Therefore, enterprises that can become bigger and stronger in the cigarette label printing industry are easier to enter other types of packaging and printing fields from the perspective of technology and process level. From this perspective, the cigarette label printing technology represents the high-tech level of the packaging and printing industry

after decades of continuous development, and with the introduction of relevant national policies, China's cigarette label printing technology shows the following characteristics:

1. The effective combination of various printing processes has become the development characteristics of the cigarette label printing industry. In the past, cigarette label production was usually dominated by single gravure printing, while offset printing has always occupied a dominant position in the field of publishing and commercial printing. Today, the technology of offset printing machine has been very mature. Compared with gravure printing, offset plate making has the remarkable characteristics of short cycle and low cost. At present, under the condition that cigarette manufacturers frequently change cigarette label design, constantly launch new products and the sales volume of new products is small, offset printing machine shows high flexibility, so offset printing occupies a certain proportion in cigarette label printing at present. In recent years, due to the branding strategy implemented by the tobacco industry, the design of cigarette labels of various brands continues to improve the complex requirements of printing effect. A single offset printing cannot meet the needs of high-end cigarette label brands. Gravure printing can print large areas of spot color, gold silver, pearl color and various imitation metal etching inks, and silk screen printing can print special finishing effects. Therefore, offset printing, gravure printing, silk screen printing, flexographic printing and other combination printing have become the mainstream of the industry

2. Put it into a plastic extruder, and the printing process is complex, which increases the technical difficulty. At present, all cigarette enterprises are most concerned about how to bring the first and second types of cigarettes to the market, break into the brand and open the market. When launching their own high-end cigarettes, cigarette enterprises all hope to reflect the connotation of the brand in the design and printing of cigarette labels, and the requirements for the design and printing of cigarette labels are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the whole process of cigarette label printing from front-end design to plate making, printing to post-processing with the latest plastic technology has become more and more complex, increasing the technical difficulty. In addition, the requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology are also getting higher and higher. Anti counterfeiting not only lies in the anti-counterfeiting treatment in the printing process, but also includes the implantation of substances with anti-counterfeiting characteristics in the production process of cigarette label packaging materials. The whole cigarette label anti-counterfeiting treatment runs through the prepress design, printing materials, process power consumption, which will affect the cost and post press processing

3. The application of digital printing technology has become the development trend of the industry. Digital printing is an important development direction in the digital era of the printing industry. In a broad sense, digital printing technology includes the digitization of prepress, printing and post press processing, as well as the technical system supporting and realizing digital printing, including ink, materials and printing machinery. In the future, digital printing technology represented by CTP, digital proofing and digital workflow will be widely used in cigarette label printing industry

finally, according to China packaging, in recent years, the development of gravure printing technology has greatly shortened the preparation time of gravure printing, and improved the competitiveness of gravure printing in the medium and short version market. It is expected that the development of gravure printing in the future will mainly focus on: full body automatic gravure cylinder electroplating processing; Application of electronic engraving technology without film; The development of photopolymer thin drum gravure process and the surrounding gravure wrapped on the drum; Digital fast proofing; Gravure printing machine will develop in the direction of multi-purpose, multi-color, high-speed, automation, linkage and environmental protection; Achieve water-based gravure ink printing, and effectively control the solvent residue of solvent ink

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