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Analysis of strategies for improving the quality of chloroacetic acid resin products in Xinjiang

chloroacetic acid copolymer resin is a copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. It is mainly used in industries such as ink, coating, artificial leather, leather surface treatment binder, plastic and rubber product modifier, and its market prospect is broad

at present, the series of vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer resin products produced by Xinjiang Tianye Group Zhongfa Chemical Co., Ltd. have been imported in large quantities. They can only be used in their applicable fields and enter the market. The quality of resin products has received high praise from customers. At the same time, customers also put forward higher requirements for the quality of the company's resin products, requiring that the resin solution dissolved in solvent has low viscosity and good transparency. In order to better meet the needs of customers, all the staff of the Technology Development Office of the company gathered their wisdom and formed a consistent experimental scheme, optimized the polymerization formula, replaced all the types of dispersants currently used with a load range of 0 ~ 5 N, and conducted many tests in the pilot test. The experimental results were obvious, and the quality of resin products was stable. After the chloroacetic acid resin produced now is dissolved in solvent, the resin solution is clear and transparent, and the viscosity of the solution fully meets the customer's requirements - realizing the transformation from the industrial development and expansion period to the industrial maturity period, and the customer feedbacks that the product quality has improved significantly after use

through experiments, the product quality of chlorine vinegar resin is improved, which plays a great role in expanding the market share of Tianye brand chlorine vinegar resin and improving the competitiveness of enterprises

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