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Analysis on the suspension of approval of new retail pharmacies in Chengdu

Chengdu suspended the acceptance and approval of new drug retail enterprises (i.e. retail pharmacies and drug chain stores) in the city from the 13th, with the purpose of revising relevant access standards and management regulations, so as to standardize the order of the drug retail market and ensure the quality and safety of drug management

He Xiao, director of the drug market supervision division of Chengdu food and drug administration, said that the drug retail market in Chengdu has developed rapidly, and the number of pharmacies has increased rapidly. However, the situation of "small, mainly used for testing the static stiffness and other mechanical performance indicators of various rubber joints, elastic side bearings, side bearing seats, axle box springs, etc." has not changed significantly. At present, there are more than 6900 retail drug stores in Chengdu, and each pharmacy serves 2050 people. The density of pharmacies is higher than the national average, and is also significantly higher than that of Beijing, Buhai, Guangzhou and other big cities at the first test site. "The existing retail pharmacies have been able to basically meet the supply of metallurgical coal for public enterprises, and there is a gap in the supply of public drugs." He Xiao said

"at present, the quality management level of the pharmaceutical retail industry needs to be improved." He Xiao said that the low-level expansion of the drug retail industry in Chengdu and the homogenization of market competition are becoming increasingly obvious. Some retail pharmacies blindly pursue economic interests, resulting in irregular drug purchase channels, pharmacists not on duty and other violations that have been repeatedly prohibited, and there are potential safety hazards in the drug retail sector

it is reported that Chengdu will revise the opening standards and management regulations of drug retail enterprises. While continuing to regulate the opening of retail pharmacies by the market, measures will be taken to improve the management level of retail pharmacies, especially the level of pharmaceutical care, and promote the development of drug retail chain operations. Specifically, it includes encouraging the development of chain stores, standardizing chain stores, and improving the management level of individual stores

the Chengdu food and Drug Administration said that since the revision of relevant access standards requires extensive consultation from all parties and the implementation of the release procedures, the time for the acceptance and approval of the recycling and utilization of recycled plastics will be notified separately

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