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Application of TSC products in the monitoring system of an automobile production line

application of TSC products in the monitoring system of an automobile production line

scheme overview

with the rapid development of computer network technology, industrial Ethernet technology has been widely used in the automation industry, and the networking of automobile manufacturing industry has become an inevitable trend

at present, many domestic automobile production lines have established production monitoring systems. The main functions of the system are: process automation control, remote field equipment monitoring and control, remote production process parameter setting, real-time fault monitoring and emergency treatment. These functions of the production monitoring system are realized by connecting the PLC of the production line referred to as LCP through network communication. Therefore, the network communication equipment with high reliability and high stability is the foundation of the monitoring system for manufacturing industry in China

in the monitoring system of Shandong Benz production line, in order to meet the high requirements of the system for network communication equipment, we have decided to choose the TSC series industrial network communication equipment of professional Zhuoyue Xintong Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd

scheme design

according to the specific application requirements of the project, the scheme adopts the TSC carat5008fc2 Industrial Ethernet switch of Zhuoyue Xintong Electronics (Beijing) company to form a 100m fiber redundant ring. The computer in the monitoring center can be connected to the industrial 100m redundancy ring, control the information of each terminal on the man-machine interface, and read the network data of each terminal

scheme diagram:

scheme features

1. TSC carat50 industrial switch fully complies with IEEE 802.3/ieee802.3u and other standards and has good compatibility

2. TSC carat50 series plug and play redundant ring switch used in the project has panel type setting, which is simple and easy to operate. In case of network failure (such as fiber interruption, node equipment failure, etc.), it can automatically realize optical channel protection

3. TSC carat50 series plug and play redundant ring switch has short network fault recovery time, and provides protection and network topology self-healing recovery functions. The protection switching time is 300ms. In addition, the main components are in redundant configuration, with dual power supply circuit, supporting hot backup function and overvoltage, overcurrent and lightning protection

it will eventually reach US $2.39 billion worldwide by 2022. 4. Industrial level safety and reliability design

heat dissipation in folded structure, sealed packaging, good heat dissipation and dustproof

it has good characteristics of anti electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic shielding, vibration and shock

it supports Industrial DIN rail clamping and wall mounting

redundant dual DC power input (optional)

operating temperature range -10 ℃ -+70 ℃, The operating humidity range is 10% - 95% (no condensation)

5. The redundant optical fiber link in this loop greatly improves the security, reliability and real-time capability of the network

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