Application of the hottest UV glazing technology

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Application of UV glazing technology

after UV glazing treatment, paper packaging can improve its appearance effect, make the printing quality thick and full, glossy and moist, improve the decoration effect of paper products, significantly improve the folding and chemical resistance, improve its service performance, and reduce the loss of products in the process of transportation and storage. For products with high moisture-proof requirements (such as electrical appliances), their paper packaging products shall also be equipped with: cardboard rupture tester (to measure the bursting resistance of cartons and corrugated cardboard), cardboard compression tester (to measure the ring pressure strength of base paper, the edge pressure strength and adhesive strength of corrugated cardboard), drying moisture tester, quantitative sampler and water absorption meter (to measure the sizing degree) for UV polishing, It can improve the moisture-proof ability and stability of the package, which are not as good as the first transmission system

uv glazing has developed rapidly in recent years, and its proportion in the packaging and printing industry is gradually increasing, but there are still many problems to be solved. The first is security. At present, the active diluents used in UV varnish have certain volatility or irritation, which still pollutes the environment. At present, the water-based UV glazing oil under development is an ideal environment-friendly product, which uses a thickener or a thickener to replace the active diluent, thus solving the problems of volatility and irritation

the second is odor. Now it is gradually developing towards low odor. At present, UV glazing packaging products have not been fully recognized by the international food and drug administration, and cannot be in direct contact with food. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the working conditions and environment, improve the drying effect, and thoroughly solidify, so as to reduce the odor

again, it is the adhesion problem on the oxidation polymerization ink. There are not only problems of low odor and gloss, but also difficulties in adhesive adhesion. Now, double glazing is often used to improve UV glazing quality, but it also increases the cost. Due to the wide range of performance control, the adaptability of UV varnish and ink needs to be improved

finally, the cost is reduced. Although the cost has dropped a lot before the new requirements for materials are put forward, it is cheaper than the cost of BOPP composite membrane. But in China, there are many kinds of UV glazing oils with different properties. Therefore, the prices vary greatly. Generally speaking, the cost is still too high. It is necessary to further reduce the varnish cost, coating cost and equipment operation cost

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