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Application of ultra-low gloss pc/abs composites in automotive interior materials generally have matte requirements, which is conducive to reducing the visual fatigue of drivers and improving driving safety. Pc/abs has good comprehensive performance and is widely used in automotive interior trim parts. However, due to its high surface gloss (60 ° angle, the gloss of leather grain is about 13), it needs to spray matte paint and other secondary processing to achieve matte and beautiful effects. With the promulgation of the automobile ELV decree, more thermoplastic materials are required to be recycled directly, without the need to separate the thermosetting paint film without stains. Spray free can not only greatly reduce the cost, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the spray process

in order to meet this demand, Jinhu Rili has successfully developed matte pc/abs series materials in cooperation with Yanfeng Visteon, which have been successfully applied to the Jingrui car of Skoda brand of Shanghai Volkswagen. Pc/abshac8250z, a new material, is applied to the upper and lower cover plates of the steering wheel of the car. The surface gloss of the parts is 4.2 (the leather grain is K31, 1.5 °, and the color is 9b9) at a 60 ° angle, meeting the gloss requirements of the interior trim below the waist line of the car. At the same time, Jinhu Rili has also jointly developed pc/abshac8260z instrument panel matte material hydraulic components, servo Electromechanical, reducer, etc. this material not only replaces the original steel instrument panel framework, but also directly exposes the lower body of the instrument panel without painting. At present, Iveco, which is applied in SAIC Hongyan, refers to heavy trucks such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS, etc. We believe that pc/abs matte materials will continue to be applied with the trend of environmental protection and low cost of automotive interior materials. In the ever-changing market, Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd. is market-oriented, constantly providing customers with systematic material solutions, striving to become a leader in the engineering plastics industry and continuously contributing to the automotive industry

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