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Application of trio motion controller in detection equipment

1 System requirements

1) design a detection system, which can control the detection head to move along the object surface at a distance of 0.5mm, and ensure that the detection head is perpendicular to the object surface at the same time

2) the system can control that materials such as glass wool cannot be directly used in thin plastered walls to make two linear axes (xz1) and one rotation axis (b), of which two linear axes (xz1) and rotation axis (b) can be linked, and the direction of rotation axis (b) shall be consistent with the normal of X Z1 running track. In order to increase the detection speed, a Z2 axis is added to detect the linear part of the workpiece

3) four axes can be controlled manually and automatically

4) provide the running track of 10 parts, and the starting point of each part can be determined manually

5) it can be operated manually through the touch screen

2. Hardware composition

the detection head is a needle structure. The rotating shaft controls the rotation of the detection head through the reducer. The two-dimensional cross platform controls the plane motion of the rotation axis. After the detected object is fixed, the motion controller shall control the detection head to move along the object surface under the action of 1 continuously increasing magnetic force according to its shape

main hardware composition:

1) two-dimensional cross platform (z1 Z2), one-dimensional platform (z2)

2) planetary reducer, used in rotating shaft

3) four sets of MOTEC servo motors

4) trio MC20 is a subversive technology 6 motion control card

5) smart touch screen

6) travel switch, etc.

3 Programming instructions

the motion planning of the detection head is shown in the figure:

there are ten kinds of workpieces, and the size of each kind of workpiece is known in advance. It can be seen that the workpiece shape is composed of straight lines and arcs. Therefore, the detection head has to go through two steps before walking a line segment. The first step is to go to the starting point of the line segment and adjust the tangent direction of the detection head perpendicular to the starting point; The second step is divided into two cases: 1. If the line segment is a straight line, directly control the two-dimensional cross platform to go straight line interpolation, and the rotation axis does not move; 2. if it is an arc, it needs to go through 3-axis interpolation, control the cross platform to go through a large arc counterclockwise, and at the same time, the rotation axis rotates a certain angle to ensure that the detection head is perpendicular to the surface

special treatment: in case of singularity between line segments, due to the jump of normal direction, it is necessary to adjust the detection head before continuing the detection

the touch screen communicates with mc206 through MODBUS bus. The trio mc206x motion controller has a built-in real-time multi task embedded operating system, so that 206 can run multiple programs at the same time, and high-level programs are preferred. Mc206x uses a process to make keyboard response and parameter modification, so that the touch screen can control mc206x

the detection process cannot be interrupted by other events, so the detection motion control part is executed by a separate high-level process

in the process of detection, MC2 will use the input port of 06x with a global smart home market range of 79.3 billion US dollars in 2001 to receive the result signal, and use the output port to control the indicator light to light up whether it is qualified or not. At the same time, make workpiece statistics and display it on the touch screen

trio programming screen

touch screen screen screen

4 Summary

the final effect is very ideal. One component can be quickly detected within 2S, the distance between the detection head and the object is kept at 0.5mm, and the output of the detection instrument is stable. (end)

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