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The application of vacuum technology in the production process of automobile air conditioner generally, automobile air conditioner is composed of compressor, electric clutch, evaporator, condenser, receiver dryer, thermal expansion valve and control system. At present, the R134a refrigerant is mainly used as the refrigerant in the automobile air conditioner, which is compressed by the compressor and then adiabatically expanded in the evaporator to reduce the air temperature in the car

r134a refrigerant is an environment-friendly refrigerant, which is not destructive to the ozone layer, has good safety performance, and has the characteristics of non flammable, non-toxic and non irritating. However, it is easy to react with water molecules to form highly corrosive hydrogen chloride gas. Moreover, the compressor of R134a refrigerant requires the use of synthetic lubricating oil, which has moisture absorption and can automatically absorb water vapor from the air. The absorbed water vapor molecules are then dissolved in the oil, increasing the water content of the lubricating oil. Therefore, the air conditioning system using R134a refrigerant must be thoroughly dried before filling the refrigerant, otherwise the residual water vapor molecules in the system will react with R134a to generate hydrogen chloride gas, causing serious corrosion to the metal parts of the air conditioning system

r134a refrigerant filling system workflow

in the refrigerant filling process of general automobile air conditioning system, vacuum pumping is the most critical step. Vacuumizing is not only to remove the gas in the air conditioning system, but also to remove the moisture in the system by vacuumizing. Because the boiling point of water under atmospheric pressure is 100 ℃, and under the low pressure of vacuum state, even the room temperature of 20 ℃ can make the water speed time curve boil. Therefore, the vacuum can make the water in the system evaporate quickly, so as to achieve the purpose of 1. The prompt box appears after the computer software is online to display the overload and completely dry the air conditioning system

in the vacuum state, different pressures correspond to different drying degrees of the system. In general, the lower the vacuum pressure, the drier the system. However, the longer the vacuum pumping time is required to make the system reach a lower pressure. During the vacuum pumping process of the air conditioner, most of the time is used for drying the system

the automobile refrigerant vacuum filling machine is generally composed of vacuum system, refrigerant input control and pressurization system, refrigerant filling metering system as a shareholder, electronic control system, etc., which can complete the vacuum pumping, leakage detection, accurate and quantitative filling of refrigerant, etc. for the automobile air conditioning system

automobile refrigerant vacuum filling machines can generally be divided into fixed type and traveling type. Due to the large span of each station on the automobile assembly line, each vehicle usually needs to move 3 ~ 8m during the refrigerant filling process. The portable filling machine can move with the vehicle during the filling process. When the filling is completed, it will automatically return to the starting position. The fixed filling machine allows the filling joint and filling pipeline to move with the car, and the filling machine itself is fixed in one position. The traveling filling machine generally adapts to the relatively fast production pace, but the price is relatively expensive. The fixed filling machine can only be used for slower production beat, but the price is relatively cheap

in European and American countries, with the acceleration of the production speed of the automobile production line, the vacuum pumping and refrigerant filling of the air conditioning system have been separated into two independent steps. Only in this way can we have enough time for vacuum drying and shorten the production pace

another development direction of refrigerant filling equipment is to realize zero emission during refrigerant filling, that is to say, when leaving the filling gun after each filling, the system cannot have excess refrigerant leakage exposed to the atmosphere

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