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Home decoration is a time-consuming trouble for owners. If you can hand over the decoration to others to be responsible for the decoration, and you don't have to worry too much, you can finally carry out the acceptance. Then how to judge whether the quotation of the decoration company is reasonable

1. Labor cost

in different places, the labor cost of construction workers in each decoration project has a rough range. When receiving decoration orders, decoration companies generally choose to outsource the project to a special engineering team. How can decoration save more money? On, free design budget quotation. Therefore, there is little difference in the decoration labor cost of the same project. Before decoration, owners only need to know more about the labor cost unit price offered by several decoration companies, so that they can know the labor cost in mind, and they can not be afraid of the decoration company's exorbitant asking price

2. Material cost

the materials used in decoration are divided into main materials and auxiliary materials. The quotation of decoration materials is usually the place where decoration companies earn high profits. The price of decoration materials with similar appearance is likely to be very different. Therefore, for the material cost, the owners must visit the decoration building materials market more and know the market price of the materials needed before they can know whether the quotation is reasonable when the decoration company quotes the price. If there is too much discrepancy in the material quotation, the material quotation given by the company is not trustworthy. The owners can go to the market to buy the main materials by themselves, and the decoration company can provide a small part of the auxiliary materials

3. Management fee

the quotation of management fee is directly related to the type of decoration company you choose and the area of the house you want to decorate. If you want to know whether the management fee is reasonable, you need the owners to know more about the management fee collection market of several local decoration companies. The collection of management fee also has a lot to do with the region. The price difference in a region is not too great. As long as the owners know, it is not difficult to know whether the management fee issued by the decoration company is reasonable





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