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Nowadays, iron villa doors, stairs and railings are one of the common building materials in our life, which is no longer a simple combination of practicality and aesthetics. People pay attention to the communication and dialogue between people and the environment while pursuing the quality of life and work in the indoor environment, and strengthening and deepening people's dominant position in the indoor environment. This kind of dialogue will become the foothold for us to reflect our own values, and it will largely express our wishes

now more and more people are buying villas, and most of them are thinking about the choice of doors. What are the common types of iron gates in villas? Iron doors and stainless steel doors are two common villa doors. The iron gate of the villa gives people a fashionable and classical atmosphere, which can give people a sense of security. Villa iron gate is also exquisite in Feng Shui. What Feng Shui is exquisite about villa iron gate and how to design it? If you have this need, you might as well come with me to understand the relevant knowledge of the iron gate of the villa

common iron gates of several types of villas

1. Traditional auspicious Chinese style

some patterns with auspicious blessing patterns are expected to be used to get a good head in the future, such as cloud pattern, Ruyi, Phoenix, etc. The combination of the iron gate of the villa and the surrounding walls reflects the spiritual pursuit of elegance and implicity, self-cultivation and family harmony possessed by ancient Chinese scholars, which is the only choice to respect Chinese traditional culture

2. Natural art

therefore, the solid wood door with clear grain and fine hand feel has become our first choice. The beautiful, simple and elegant solid wood door gives the owner a sense of peace and security, and brings peace of mind to the hard-working people, such as being in the beautiful nature, warm and natural

3. European luxury

European style doors are bright in color, mostly gold, elegant and magnificent in shape, surrounded by complex patterns, which looks grand and solemn. When the iron gate of the villa and the surrounding flowers in full bloom set off each other, a luxurious and blurred atmosphere came, which was very romantic

4. Modern simplicity

the iron gate of this villa is mainly white and other bright colors, which is youthful, lively and very fashionable, so it is loved by young people

villa iron gate Feng Shui

1. It is symbolized by four spiritual animals, namely peacock, snake turtle, green dragon and white tiger. Generally, there are four main choices for opening the door of a house: the South Gate (Zhuque gate), the left gate (Qinglong gate), the right gate (Baihu gate), and the north gate (Xuanwu Gate)

in Feng Shui, there are green fields, flat lands, pools, parking lots, etc. in front of you, opening the gate of China Railway is the first choice. If there is no bright hall ahead, it is better to open the iron gate on the left, because the left is the green dragon position, and the green dragon is auspicious. The right side belongs to the white tiger, which is generally inferior. Opening the iron gate on the right side is not good. The north gate is Xuanwu Gate, with “ Defeat ” Bad luck

2. The color should not be black, should not be closed, or the shape should be indecent, in the shape of iron rope or prison

3. Do not deflect, and do not be high and low at the same time

4. Do not go directly to the rear doors and windows, and do not make arched iron doors

5. The beam cannot be pressed on the iron gate. The iron gate of the villa is worn and should be replaced as soon as possible. The solution is to hang a wedding tent in front of the door, or a cloth curtain with the pattern of five blessings on the door

6. The iron gate of the villa should not be opposed. The solution is that after entering the gate, one of the households should separate the porch space and let the evil spirit revolve, instead of inserting into the room like a sharp blade

7. Which side is the gate facing? As long as it is facing the iron gate, the gate, the corner and the chimney, it is a ghost. Ask for a lighted mirror in the temple and hang it above the iron gate of the villa in the middle. It's OK to turn the brakes

8. If there are often cars parked in the driveway at the door, it's a very beneficial impact. If it's a traffic lane, it will have a certain impact on wealth

design of iron gate of villa

1. The arc gate is like a pair of open arms to welcome every friend home

2. The arc gate and the arc Road form a close echo relationship, integrating the iron gate of the villa and the surrounding environment into an organic whole

3. Dry hanging stone is selected in the material to reflect the massiness of the iron gate of the villa

4. Double door concept. The two walls form a view window, which is used as the window for the external display of the villa. You can also use components to connect the two slice walls to form a strong light and shadow effect

5. The double door hides the gatehouse between the two walls, which is implicit and stable, and the corner window can broaden the field of vision. Through the dislocation of double doors, the purpose of complete diversion of people and vehicles can be achieved

which is better, villa iron gate or villa stainless steel gate

1 Villa stainless steel door: the stainless steel door is mainly made of stainless steel, and its extensibility is not very good, resulting in the single shape of stainless steel, insufficient aesthetic feeling, and image problems that are difficult to control. As stainless steel is a kind of synthetic steel, over time, the chemical elements in it react, and the brightness will be greatly reduced and become obsolete. The corrosion resistance and heat resistance of stainless steel doors are outstanding

2. Villa iron gate: with iron as raw material, iron gate is made into a variety of colors through galvanizing, painting and other means: black, white, pink, clip color, bronze, etc. Iron has good stretching performance and beautiful lines. It can be processed into plants, animals, abstract graphics, etc., and can even be accurate to the meridians on the leaves. Iron gates are made of solid, very solid, and each welded joint has been carefully polished. Iron is not as bright as stainless steel. It is important to be durable. Iron doors have been used for decades, and there is still little change. Iron is afraid of rust. Iron gate solves this problem by painting and galvanizing

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge of the common types of villa iron doors. I hope to help friends who need this! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future





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