With the invisible door of Igo, the home becomes m

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Simple style home, mostly using geometric structure, simple, calm, atmospheric, and creative at the same time

simple style home

mostly adopts geometric structure, which is simple, calm and atmospheric

at the same time, it is creative

the use of invisible doors

can add more delicate details to simple style home

the design of invisible doors

as the name suggests, it hides the door

the whole room with simple style

is simple in design, Overall harmony

is different from the traditional door structure

invisible door is fashionable and simple

there is no redundant structure such as door frame

in the overall home decoration

it can truly integrate with the wall

maximize the harmony between the door and the space

simple style does not advocate complicated decoration

"point to end" design

reduces people's aesthetic fatigue

makes the home comfortable, Cozy

is the doctrine of simple style

invisible door

simple and smooth lines

avant garde fashion

make your home more exquisite

eco hidden door made of ygo aluminum wood

focus on ecology and design fashion

make your home more fashionable than fashion




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