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In fact, it is a little difficult for everyone to choose furniture, because there are many furniture brands on the market, which perplex consumers to make choices. For people who like European style furniture, if they don't know the brand ranking, they don't know which brand of furniture has good quality. Don't worry, today Xiaobian will recommend the list of European furniture brands to you, so that you can choose better

1. Jinkaisha

jinkaisha furniture is a product of Guangdong Huasong Furniture Group Co., Ltd., and the company is an enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of all solid wood furniture. At present, Huasong furniture mainly includes: European and American style “ Jinkaisha &rdquo Chinese style “ Famous tripod sandalwood &rdquo New Chinese style “ Tansong ” Three brands, including 8 series. No matter which brand of furniture is made of high-quality wood, and the full mortise and tenon structure makes the furniture durable. At present, there are nearly 200 home experience stores all over the country, and they have also won “ Guangdong famous trademark ” And “ Guangdong famous brand products ” Therefore, it occupies a place in the ranking list of European furniture brands

2. Cafinda carpenter

the brand was founded in Hong Kong in 1971, and its industry mainly involves furniture manufacturing, real estate, hotel services and other fields. It is understood that the strength of the company is strong, and the manufacturing process of products is also excellent. Nowadays, the marketing outlets have spread all over China's major and medium-sized cities, and there are more than 400 brand chain stores. The products are not only popular in China, but also exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world

3. Yazhen a-zenith

Yazhen furniture is a famous brand with a reputation of more than ten years. As the pioneer of European furniture in China, the enterprise has passed ISO9001 certification and is in the top position in the list of European furniture brands. At present, it has opened more than 10 self operated franchised stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing and other places, and has nearly 80 authorized franchised stores nationwide. Its products are exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad. Won “ National industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise ” Has been recognized by the country, the industry and consumers

4、“ Great style &rdquo

Founded in 1988, Zhejiang dafengfan Furniture Co., Ltd. is committed to providing people with European style furniture products with leading design and superior quality, hoping to make everyone enjoy a more warm, comfortable and happy home life. At present, the monopoly network of Da Fengfan brand has spread all over the first and second tier cities in China, and has won the favor of consumers with its atmospheric furniture and professional and exquisite furniture experience

Xiaobian conclusion: Xiaobian recommends this for the ranking list of European furniture brands. There are many European furniture brands on the market. If you need to know more, please continue to pay attention, thank you




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