Wang Li's smart lock meets Denver on May 22 from n

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During the travel season in May, are you ready to stir up. Happy journey, safe travel, don't forget the car maintenance

from April 25 to May 22

Denver lubricating oil Yongkang oil change center

BmK automobile maintenance center

free oil change + automobile fine cleaning service

there is also automobile insurance. The annual maintenance gift package

must not be missed

Denver bio based lubricating oil

at present, the only cutting-edge technology lubricating product developed by Nankai University in the domestic market

saves 8% fuel, Using a pot of bio based lubricating oil saves 1549.8 yuan compared with mineral oil

it can speed up quickly and adapt to various working conditions. It is universal in all seasons

it has low noise, more comfortable, excellent self-cleaning, and effectively reduces engine vibration and noise

20000 km ultra long oil change cycle

adding a bio based lubricating oil not only saves 1-3 oil change times, but also saves 3 oil change times

energy conservation, environmental protection, haze reduction, and exhaust emission reduction of 10%, Annual inspection is reassuring

each pot of bio based lubricant reduces 424kg carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to 53 trees

contributing to the green mountains and waters, blue sky and white clouds of the motherland, and is respected, A sense of achievement

bmk automobile maintenance center

bmk automobile maintenance center is an automobile oil change service center authorized by Denver bio based lubricant

Yongkang region

the Thanksgiving feedback oil change activity jointly launched by the joint company

not only brings holiday benefits to the Group employees

but also offers preferential services to consumers throughout the city

during the May Day period

Denver bio based lubricant oil change centers throughout the country

Preferential activities have been launched one after another

for details, please enter the store for consultation





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