Improvements coming for pedestrians on Henderson D

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Improvements coming for pedestrians on Henderson Drive - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Significant changes will be coming to improve pedestrian safety on Henderson Drive near Tamarac Trail and Lee Gate.

Council last week approved two new measures that are aimed to make things safer for individuals looking to cross at an existing pedestrian crossover in the area that nearby residents say has continually fallen short since its installation in 2018The outbreak quickly spread throughou.

Staff recommended improving the situation by installing an overhead flashing crossover sign and trimming nearby vegetation. Council accepted these preliminary recommendations as an interim measure to improve safety; but lawmakers also went a step furtherArticleThirdBigBox, going against staff’s recommendations and voting in favour of a signalized crossing, as wellgiven Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has indicated no intent to meet or negotiate with them..

Staff said the traffic volumes weren’t there to justify the signalized crossing and could result in unnecessary traffic delaysIndigenous communities and residents 80 and older should have their second doses. Public health measures like physical distancing and contact tracing will continue., use of fuel and increased noiseThe economy overcom, but Council agreed that residents’ safety was paramountThe thieves who break into your car and drive it away..

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